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In our Society, healthcare is of paramount importance. It also reflects the index of development of the country and hence great efforts are being made to improve the medical facilities in the country. As we know that Doctors, Nurses and paramedicals are integral part of the health management team. So, a fair ratio of these categories is imminent. In the present scenario the Medical Colleges are coming up throughout the country very fastly and thereby the number of Doctors being produced every year is much more than the number of nurses required as per ratio. Besides this, we daily see the repeated advertisements in different news papers with vacancies for staff nurses in India and abroad. Seeing this scope of higher employbility in the nursing profession, we have promoted this premier school of Nursing with sanctioned intake of 50 students from the academic year 2005-2006.

This Institute is affiliated with Haryana Nurses Registration Council(HNRC) and is approved by the Govt, of Haryana and Recognised by Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi. The Institute is fully equipped with all infrastructure required as per norms laid down by the Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi.

Gandhi School of Nursing, Karnal is situated on G.T. Road, bye-pass near  I.T.I. chowk Kamal. This school many ways excels the other Institutions of this sort. The school was established in the year 2005 by Shri Sain Educational& Vocational Trust Matroli(Panipat) to fulfil the dream of Late Mahatma Gandhi “The Father of the Nation” as well as to inculcate and develop Moral and Spiritual Values in the students to be the best citizen of the nation.

A regular assembly of the students in Sai Satsang Hall of the Institute on 1st and Illrd Thursday of the month is held since begining. Every student avails the opportunity to express her views on the topics of Moral and Spiritual Values, duly prepared by the respective batch incharge.

The Institute is equipped with very fine laboratories, lecture theatres, library, student common room, canteen, vast lawns, dispensary and the institute has got an experienced, excellent, highly qualified teaching staff & most efficient non-teaching staff upon which the smooth running of any Institution depends.