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* To the help the students to develop proper aptitude for devoted nursing care services.
* To prepare nurses to practice at first level position in the Hospitals and Community to provide primary, secondary and tertiary health care.
* To get familiarise with the International Code of Nursing ethics and to act accordingly.
* To impart upto date knowledge to the students and equip them with skills required for delivering quality nursing care based on scientific principles.
* To develop an understanding of the Biological and Behavioural Sciences applied in meeting the Nursing Needs of the Individual patient
* To develop an ability to plan implement nursing care for the promotion of health, prevention of diseases, healing the sick and their rehabilitation.
* To groom the students well in meeting the emergencies.
* To develop an ability to communicate effectively with patients, their attendants, colleagues, their seniors and the community.
* To promote and implement proper MCH and Reproductive child health care services.
* To train the Traditional Birth Attendants to provide proper Antenatal, Natal and Post Natal Care to the Pregnant women.
* To prepare a student as important member of a Health Team.