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Performa for furnishing details of Teaching Staff

Sr. No. Name  Designation Qualification
1 Dr. Santosh Kumar Gurjar Principal Ph.D.(N), Nursing (Medical Surgical Nursing)
2 Mrs. Kavita Rani Associate Professor  M.Sc Nursing (Maternal Nursing)
3 Mrs. Karamjeet Kaur Assistant Professor M.Sc Nursing (Medical Surgical Nursing )
4 Mrs. Vikash Assistant Professor M.Sc Nursing (Psychiatric Nursing)
5 Ms. Nanki Kaur Assistant Professor M.Sc Nursing (Maternal Nursing)
6 Ms. Jyoti Sr. Nursing Tutor Nursing (Community Health Nursing)
7 Ms. Ruchika  Sr. Nursing Tutor Nursing (Psychiatric Nursing)
8 Ms.Bhawana Sr. Nursing Tutor Nursing (Medical Surgical Nursing)
9 Ms. Benu Prabha sagar Sr. Nursing Tutor BSC (N) 
10 Ms. Rajni Nadin Nursing Tutor
11 Ms.Anuradha Sharma Nursing Tutor PB.BSC(N)
12 Ms.Gurmeet Kaur Nursing Tutor PB.BSC(N)
13 Ms.Richa Rani Nursing Tutor PB.BSC(N)
14 Ms.Varinder Virk Nursing Tutor PB.BSC(N)
15 Ms. Rajpinder Kaur Nursing Tutor PB.BSC(N)
16 Ms.Punam Devi Nursing Tutor PB.BSC(N)
17 Ms.Saroj Rani Nursing Tutor PB.BSC(N)
18 Ms.Parul D/o Ved Parkash Nursing Tutor PB.BSC(N)
19 Ms.Preeti D/o Vinod Kumar Nursing Tutor PB.BSC(N)
20 Ms. Puneet Kaur Nursing Tutor PB.BSC (N)
21 Ms.Parul Nursing Tutor B.Sc (N)
22 Ms.Arpana Devi Nursing Tutor
23 Ms.Preeti Dahiya Nursing Tutor PB.BSC(N)
24 Ms. Himanshi Nursing Tutor Bsc(N)